Xuan Yuan Jian 3 Yun He Shan De Bi Duan

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While 1999’s Xuan Yuan Jian 3 is considered something of a flash point for Chinese RPGs it’s rather atypical in many respects – the game starts off in 8th century Venice and takes main character Septem, who is half Chinese half Frankish, on a journey eastward across Asia travelling through the cities of Damascus and Baghdad, only arriving in China towards the end of the game.
The plot mixes the fantastical with the historical – along the way the player will encounter more fanciful elements such as a magical moving island powered by four talking statues but the game also uses real-world events such as the battle of Talas and the An Shi rebellion as plot devices too. Even one of the four party members, Li Jing, was in reality a famous Tang dynasty general.
There are four main playable characters and four character slots in battle, so once everyone has been recruited they are all present for every battle unless the plot dictates otherwise. The majority of temporary characters that follow the player will also help out in battle by randomly jumping in with an extra attack. Battles use an ATB style system to determine when the player can perform actions. Magic is split into three categories – offensive, buffs and regenerative. All four party members have access to spells of all three types and they all have their own unique spell sets that compliment each others abilities rather than having a predetermined healer or offensive mage-type character.
At the time of writing there are ten games in the main series with another due for release in 2013. While they all share similar recurring elements (the Xuan Yuan sword and the demon refining pot as two examples) the only direct connections are between games that have a designated spinoff. In Xuan Yuan Jian 3’s case this would be Xuan Yuan Jian 3 Wai Zhuan: Tian Zhi Hen; a prequel story with a completely different cast (including, as confirmed by DOMO themselves, an ancestor of Septem’s).