Xuan Yuan Jian 3 Wai Zhuan: Tian zhi Hen

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Released just twelve months after Xuan Yuan Jian 3, this prequel uses the real-world historical setting of the fall of the southern Chen dynasty to the northern Sui dynasty (late 6th century CE) to tell an original fantasy tale.
Due to the short development time the game lifts many assets directly from Xuan Yuan Jian 3, although not necessarily reusing them for the same thing. The greatest visual addition occurs when the main characters enter the realm of the immortals – in this area the game ditches the pre-rendered backgrounds entirely and replaces them with hand drawn Chinese paintings.
Again due to the limited development period the basic gameplay remains the same as before, although the maximum number of in-battle characters has been reduced to three. However there are two new additions – near the beginning of the game Chen Jing Chou summons a small elementally-aligned ghost to aid him in battle. This ghost can be fed captured monsters to learn new skills and even be cared for outside the game using the included Tamagotchi-like desktop application. The other major change to battles is the element system; all attacks are aligned to one of the five traditional Chinese elements (metal, wood, water, fire, earth) with each having a strength and weakness to another. Attacking with the wrong element naturally reduces the damage dealt just as using the correct element creates a more powerful blow.
Outside of the main party there are two other significant characters – Yu Wen Tuo and Du Gu Ning Ke. These two are the past lives of Septem and Nicole from Xuan Yuan 3.
There are two possible endings to the game, depending on your actions at a particular point.
Tian Zhi Hen has spawned an MMO (released in 2010) a TV series (released 2012) and even a remake for mobile phones, split into several chapters (Java, requires certain supported handsets).