Xian Jian Inn

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Released in 2001 and just a month after it's parent title Xin Xian Jian, this spinoff stars the main cast running Li Xiao Yao's aunt's inn with the aim being to make it the best inn in all of China!
The inn is open from 12PM to 4PM every day – during this time you must guide customers to their rooms or their tables and serve them food. Complications however frequently occur – you may have more guests than free tables, or perhaps one of your staff members (the three female stars of Xian Jian – Ling'er, Yue Ru and A Nu) is caught up dealing with a small fire or cockroaches instead of preparing meals. If guests wait too long they'll simply leave, which of course means less money earned that day. While this is bad, priority must always go to keeping the inn clean and thief-free – should one of these situations get out of hand every guest deserts the inn!
Once the serving period is over for the day you enter the evening phase of inn management – each of the girls are assigned a task for the evening; the more workmanlike jobs can help avoid accidents during the day (spending time on repairs will reduce the number of fires, for example), while time spent relaxing (either straight resting or going for a walk) will rejuvenate their HP and can increase their feelings towards you. During the night you can also visit your lodgers and interact with them; there are travelling merchants to buy items from (which can be given to your ladies) and a whole host of other interesting travellers, so of whom will give out new recipes for the next days menu under the right circumstances.
Over time the inn can be expanded and improved, which brings both extra income but also extra problems as there's a lot more to keep an eye on. This progresses on until you reach one of the games nineteen different endings, ranging from recognition from the emperor himself to tables full of nothing but drunkards.