XI [sái] Little

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XI [sái] Little
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While not an exact port, XI [sai] Little (better known to Western gamers as Devil Dice) is a faithful reproduction of the PS1 original and contains almost all of the content of that previous version.
There are four basic modes – Trial, Battle, Dance and Puzzle. Trial mode is further divided into Endless, Time Limited and Exhibition varieties and is the general “dip in” mode. Play takes places on a large board containing randomly generated dice; the object of the game is to match dice together to make them disappear and aim for a high score. In this mode the game is over either when every square on the board is filled with dice or (if played in Time Limited mode) the timer runs out. This mode can also be played with another human player via a link cable.
Battle mode pits the player against either an AI controlled or human opponent on a similar field to Trial mode although the objective is different – the winner here is the first person to match four (or three on the harder difficulty) different combinations of dice before the timer runs out.
Dance mode is all new and replaces the PS1’s Wars mode. For this one the player has to roll their dice around to the correct face as shown on the bar at the side of the screen before it reaches the box at the top. As with the previous two modes this can also be played against a human using a link cable.
Finally there’s Puzzle mode. Each level is premade and requires the player to get rid of all of the dice within a set number of moves. Levels are unlocked in batches of ten, the player needs to complete eight of these before the next set are made available. Once these initial 100 are completed an additional 1000 WonderSwan-exclusive levels are unlocked – luckily the game has a save system!