Urusei Yatsura Dear My Friends

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Mega CD
Game Arts
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Released in 1994, Dear My Friends is a point ‘n click adventure featuring the regular Urusei Yatsura gang in an all-new story.
Interaction is done using a cursor (the Sega Mouse is supported if preferred) which can be switched between one of three states – looking (eye icon), interacting (hand icon) and talking (mouth icon). These icons will turn red if they hover over something they can be used with, alleviating pixel hunting. Any items that are taken are stored in an inventory for later use and when needed simply selected and then placed over the object they need to be used with – there are no verbs or alternative uses, an item is either automatically used correctly or it can’t be used at all.
Locations are presented as static scenes rather than an environment for Ataru and Lum to walk around. Transitions to other places are done either by clicking on an exit (this is done to move around smaller areas, such as going from one room to another) or by choosing an available area on the map (for travel over longer distances). The player can travel to any location available at any time.
While the plot and the puzzle solutions are entirely linear most locations have several “sub characters” hidden in them that can be found by clicking on obscure parts of the scenery. These cameos are simple short (and frequently bizarre) animations that have no bearing on the game. There are also three minigames to be found – again these have no effect on the rest of the game, they are just meant to add a bit of replay value.
Animations in the game use an improved version of the system used in Game Arts previous title Yumimi Mix – everything, including one-off full screen animations, are done using pixel art; there is no FMV in the game at all.