Umihara Kawase Shun Second Edition Complete

Original Title
海腹川背・旬 セカンド
Nintendo DS
Suzak Inc.
Official Website
To date this is the most recent Umihara Kawase release, containing both the original Super Famicom game as well as the Second Edition version of the PS1 sequel in full (for the curious, "Second Edition" is identical to the first PS1 release bar a removal of advertising for fishing equipment, a few bugs getting ironed out and three additional stages). As well as those two games a new "DS Route" was added to Umihara Shun containing a further eighteen new stages.
Umihara Kawase herself (Kawase is her first name, if you were wondering) is an athletic girl, armed with nothing more than an extendable rubber fishing line which is used to both navigate to the exit of each field and also dispatch the randomly appearing marine enemies by reeling them into her backpack. The fishing lure can stick to any surface and be used to swing across large gaps or be reeled in to pull her over to distant ledges. The line is pliable and reacts to the environment and Kawase's momentum, bending around corners and bouncing her around if used at speed. The stages frequently encourage creative use of the line – there are multiple routes through the game, with some fields only being accessible to players that choose to find the more difficult to reach second exits in a level. Speedrunners are also rewarded; multiple replays can not only be saved to the DS cart but also shared via local wi-fi to any other Umihara player.
Outside of the main game modes there's the option to practise any stage unlocked so far, an illustration gallery and sound test, as well as an encyclopaedia of all enemies encountered with brief descriptions.