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While Falcom released many games simply titled “Sorcerian” they were not necessarily identical ports. Originally released on the PC-88 and MSX, this later PC-98 version includes remade maps that make a significant difference to the game – some scenarios merely have a few areas shuffled about but others feature expanded layouts that simply didn’t exist in the first release.
The player’s party in Sorcerian are entirely user generated; their race, gender and basic stats are customisable and once equipped they are free to head out on any of the fifteen scenarios available. Sorcerian has two relatively unique extras to take into consideration – the age of a character and their profession. Time passes whenever characters are out in a scenario (or it can be manually advanced in the main menu) and as time wears on they visibly age and their stats change – fighters will benefit from the vigor of youth but wisdom and experience mean that magic users become more powerful as they get older.
The job system also effects stat growth and income too; choosing a more manual job out of the sixty on offer will increase stats such as strength or vitality, while doctors and bakers gain in areas like dexterity and intelligence. Some jobs are restricted by age or gender – an older woman may make a good midwife but a lousy dancer! Some jobs are required for particular scenarios.
While the game is rather sparse on information the manual goes into great detail about the plot of each scenario and the enemies in them.
The American DOS port by Sierra is based on this PC-98 version and is more or less identical.