Shinsetsu Samurai Spirits Bushido Retsuden

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Neo Geo CD
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Released on the same day on the Neo Geo CD, Saturn and Playstation, Bushido Retsuden has players take control of either Haohmaru, Genjuro, Nakoruru, Galford, Ukyo or Cham Cham and lead them through and RPG retelling of the events of Samurai Spirits 1 and 2.
These two stories are completely separate from each other, the option to play through either one is available right from the start and nothing carries over between them. For the first story each main character has a unique prologue leading into the main quest and some small plot deviations (for example Haohmaru will come across Genjuro, and Ukyo is searching for the perfect flower), while the second story is by and large the same for everybody.
The main character is accompanied by two others in battle (with the exception on Genjuro, who fights alone), picked by the player from a selection near the start of the game. Once chosen these characters become permanent party members for the rest of the game and cannot be changed. In the first story an additional AI-controlled fourth character will jump in for boss battles – this extra helper is usually random and can be anyone from Nicotine to Basara. In the second an all-new character called Shippu no Reon accompanies the player’s team.
Battles use an ATB-style gauge to determine attack order. Once full the player has the option of using regular or special attacks, defending, running away or even letting the enemy flee (if the party is strong enough to do so). Special attacks use familiar moves from the Samurai Spirits series and cost chi (MP, for simplicity’s sake) to execute. At the start of the game the player has to decide whether to use traditional Samurai Spirits commands to perform these special moves or to use a more typical RPG menu system. This choice has no impact on the attacks themselves, it’s purely down to personal preference.
Each version of the game has different bonus content that unlocks when one of the stories are completed. The Neo Geo CD extra is a small town packed full of comedic SNK references.
A fan translation was worked on but never released.
The video below is of the Saturn version as I couldn’t find any Neo Geo CD clips. There are some differences but it’s close enough that it should give an idea of how it looks in action.