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Compile's take on the classic Shadowrun RPG setting is more concerned with presenting a strong narrative than a true role playing experience, and rather than giving the player the option to create and craft a character to their liking this game gives you a fixed team of four all with their own specialities and personalities. They are: Rikudou, a street samurai; Mao, a shaman; D-Head, a decker; and lastly Shiun, a former company man (and perpetual wearer of shades). They are already an established team of Runners by the time the game starts, and over the course of the game various flashbacks and current scenarios shed some light on their backgrounds and personal demons.
The game is split into three distinct modes – most of the time is spent in "Adventure mode", which is easiest to describe as "like Snatcher". As with other Japanese adventure games, these scenes provide you with an image of the area or situation you're in with a short list of commands (look, talk, move, etc) to choose from. "Mission mode" is any segment where you are free to walk around and explore the local area by yourself; this is used largely to lead you into battles, which are SRPG-style affairs. All battles occur at predetermined points, there is no grinding as it is impossible to level up. Battles allow the use of firearms, close range combat and magic as well as extensive customisation (including cyberwear) which gives some freedom to approach them as the player wishes.
Matrix dives are present in the game and again occur at pre-set points; they play exactly the same as the "Adventure mode" segments but feature copious amounts of FMV in place of the hand-drawn art used elsewhere in the game.
Turning on closed captions in the video below will bring up an English translation of the intro text.