Sega Ages 2500 Vol. 31 Dennou Senki Virtual On

Original Title

SEGA AGES 2500シリーズ Vol.31



Playstation 2
Sega AM 3
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As with a lot of the later games in the PS2 Sega Ages line, this is an arcade perfect port with all the trimmings. At the heart of the package is the straightforward arcade mode – just as it was in the arcades, not a dressed-up Saturn or PC port. Various options can tweak this exactly to your liking, a selection of resolutions and screen sizes (including progressive scan) and a choice of refresh rates (57.5 or 60FPS) are available. “Child” and “Fierce” difficulties were added for both newcomers and old hands to the game, and completing Fierce under certain conditions unlocks a new secret boss.
Many other unique single player modes were also included – “Assault mode” locks out anything other than close range weaponry, “Chibi mode” gives everyone a “super deformed” look, and “Ranking mode” keeps close tabs on things like speed and accuracy with a detailed summary at the end of each match.
Versus is also expanded upon, with both multiple split screen and LAN options – even including the ability to hook up a third PS2 (with a third copy of the game) for use as an individual “live” TV as featured in the deluxe cabinet version of the arcade original.
While the PS2 never received its own Twin Sticks the game offers a range of preset controls for both the regular pad and the official Saturn PS2 pad, and if none of those suit a user config is available too.
Outside of the game itself a full sound test menu, two galleries and a model viewer were included, and the instruction manual is approximately twice the thickness of a standard one due to the inclusion of several interviews with key staff members on the project.
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