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Siter Skain
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RefleX was the final game released in the Alltynex trilogy, although as far as the plot is concerned it’s bookended by Alltynex Second and Kamui.
The game revolves around the use of the shield the player’s craft can create. This shield reacts in a unique way to each shot type – blue shots are reflected back and initiate chains, pink shots are nullified and physical projectiles (missiles and similar) ignore the shield that have to be destroyed with the regular shot. A final shot type, purple, can either be nullified by the shield or the ship’s firepower.
Shield usage is controlled by a gauge – this gauge drains when in use and naturally recharges when not; recharging happens much faster when no shots are being fired. Regular shot power is also governed by this gauge rather than a traditional power up system; the lower the gauge the weaker the firepower.
Using the reflected blue shots to create chains is the key to scoring – reflected shots multiply the score by up to 64 times and this bonus can be maintained by either reflecting more shots or when this is not possible by killing enemies quickly with the standard shot to keep the combo gauge going.
The game takes place over eight stages, with the exception of the last these are presented as a single continuous environment with no end of stage score tally or other break. The game starts with just the option to play through the standard mode at first but the player unlocks the ability to play each stage individually as well as more continues for the standard mode as they play.
A trial version can be found here.