One Piece Grand Battle Swan Colosseum

Original Title
バトル スワン
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Swan Colosseum is a portable version of the Grand Battle series of One Piece fighting games that originated on the Playstation. While at first glance the game appears to be a traditional Street Fighter 2 style fighter it's actually more freeform than that and allows both players to run and jump about the multi-level arenas at will. There are initially six characters to play as, with a further six unlocked after meeting certain requirements in the Event Battle mode.
The Event Battle mode is the bulk of the game and gives every character their own unique storyline (with cutscenes) and opponents. Each storyline is interrupted mid-way by a minigame that involves beating up as many Dugongs as possible within the time limit; this minigame can be played any time from the treasure menu, but it has to be unlocked first. Grand Battles are straightforward quick matches against either the CPU or another human player (via link cable), using any available characters.
All characters share several basic abilities - double jumping and dashing help to get around the arenas and pick up any of the items that occasionally pop up inside barrels and treasure chests before the opposition does. Some items can be thrown to cause additional damage, while others restore a touch of energy. Attack recovery is also possible with a quick tap of the A & B buttons together to prevent a knockdown. The final battle mechanic is the special gauge just below the health bar; this bar fills up when attacks hit and allows the use of super moves. There are a total of three levels to this gauge with a different super move for each. Some characters have all their super moves available by default, but some need a wanted poster to be earned before they are unlocked.
Wanted posters are given out for various in game achievements, such as completing a characters Event Battle mode on hard without continuing, or killing a minimum number of Dugongs within the time limit. There are a total of sixty wanted posters to collect with a range of effects - some unlock extra characters and backgrounds, while others boost HP or as mentioned allow more powerful super moves to be used.