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Playstation 2
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Mojibribbon is a music/rhythm game from the same developer as Parappa the Rapper and Vib Ribbon. Unlike a lot of other rhythm-based games the only way to end to the track is either by successfully writing out the rap or by failing - devolving down to the lowest form and then losing all of your remaining ink.
Although the game is all about lyrics and calligraphy the gameplay itself is very simple; Mojibri walks upon a circle of clouds, at the start of each section the player must pull down on the right analogue stick to write the passage and then flick it up at the end to finish and also re-dip the brush into the cloud of ink above. Too early or too late will result in poor calligraphy, and if a passage is missed Mojibri cannot move onto the next cloud until is is completed. There are no other controls at all in game, all focus is on the flow and rhythm of the rap.
Every word in the game is dynamically generated by speech synthesis software – nothing is pre-recorded. This allows for some customisation to the songs, the username you pick for yourself is incorporated into the raps every now and then, and later on you must write your own “shout” that will also appear.
NaNaOnSha took this customisation one stage further and included an online component to the game allowing to you share user generated raps with your friends via the Playstation 2 network adapter.