Majin Tensei

Original Title
Super Famicom
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(Japanese VC)
Majin Tensei is the first of four SRPG spinoffs from the main Megami Tensei line of RPGs. Rather than using the familiar first person dungeon format each battle in Majin Tensei is predetermined and takes place over a large area. Certain battles are unrelated to the main plotline and can be repeated if desired.
The game shares many similarities to Megami Tensei – demons can be recruited through conversation, moon phases effect their strength as well as their likelihood to listen to the hero, and it is still possible to fuse demons. Demons can only be summoned during battle, and it costs magnetite to maintain their presence on the field. Battle order is not governed by speed statistics or similar, play simply switches back and forth between all player and all enemy characters until the end of battle. However attacked characters will always counter attack if they are not killed by the initial blow, even if it is not their active turn. Again in keeping with the Megami Tensei games Majin Tensei features three possible endings following the three possible alignments in the game – Law, Neutral, and Chaos.
In 2006 Majin Tensei received a download only PC port, and in 2011 it was released on the Japanese Wii Virtual Console service. To date the game has not been released outside Japan and there is no translation available.