Grandia Digital Museum

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Grandia Digital Museum is a Saturn exclusive fan disc stuffed full of mini games, characters artwork and more – the catch being that in the beginning the Alent Museum is missing most of it’s exhibits and Liete has requested that Justin, Feena and Sue find them all.
The game is split into two distinct sections; the museum where you are free to enjoy the available exhibits or stock up on items for the four dungeons waiting on the floating island above. These four dungeons are all new (although some, such as the army base, are reminiscent of original Grandia areas) and may be tackled in any order. Provided the player can navigate back to the warp at the entrance they are free to leave whenever they wish if they don’t want to trek all the way through and fight the dungeon bosses (who are other returning Grandia characters). Each dungeon contains specific exhibits to discover, often hidden in out of the way places.
The museum itself is divided into several themed rooms – the library contains the bestiary, the arcade is where the museum’s eight minigames are stored and so on. Other features include an artwork/character portrait viewer and a save file manager that, once the correct items have been collected (Saturn save cartridges in this case), allow the player to copy pre-made Grandia saves to the system for use in the original game. These saves cover a wide selection of pivotal points in the game, including the ending.