Galaxy Fraulein Yuna Remix

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Yuna Remix is a Saturn exclusive total remake of the original Galaxy Fraulein Yuna – everything has been upgraded and enhanced over the PC Engine original and additional voice overs were recorded. The plot still follows the same path; interplanetary idol singer Yuna defeats and/or befriends her enemies, culminating in a battle against the Queen of Darkness.
These scenes are displayed in typical adventure game style, with a variety of stills depicting the events in the story along with the occasional pan shot or short animation. Unlike the original these have been expanded to fill the entire screen, with the dialog box now being a translucent overlay. Interaction is through simple look/talk/move options, and saving is available after key events. It is not possible to make a wrong choice to fail the story sections or create a “bad end” scenario.
Battles are menu driven, with power/defence/evasion stats decided on your ability to react to three bars filling up at different speeds. While you are able to choose your attacks and which member of the Matrix of Light to ally with during battle the differences are largely cosmetic, the emphasis being more on enjoying the animation than any tactical play.
As an added bonus the options screen features a customisable calendar; main Japanese holidays are already marked out and you are free to add personal events of your own with one of three cast members commenting on the day.
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