Flash Koibitokun

Original Title
Kappa Games
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Flash Koibitokun is quite literally lovely; your small ninja is tasked with making sure precious love hearts find their way across the screen and soften the hearts of the people on the other side.
Every gap in the stage is assigned to a direction on the dpad, and your ninja can move so fast between them that he can even cover two gaps at once if your reactions are quick enough. The other key technique is to hold the hearts up to create a chain – this grants a bigger points bonus if they make it successfully across the stage, but it’s naturally far more difficult to manage ten in an unbroken line than a couple at a time.
Later stages are complicated by visual obstructions (such as advertising signboards in the city levels), warps, or a combination of the two.
A mysterious man in a fox mask also randomly appears to either help or hinder you – sometimes he’ll grant you the ability to cover every hole at once, or reset the lost hearts counter… or he might decide to make all the hearts more difficult to see! You are allowed to drop five hearts before you fail a stage, luckily the stage select and on-cart saving means you’re never more than a few button presses away from retrying even if you decide to turn the WonderSwan off.
After the story mode is completed four extra modes are unlocked – two single player challenges (mission mode and endless mode), a versus mode (two WonderSwans linked together), and a record viewer that allows you to check your best scores and times.
One nice little touch is that the game auto-selects either a male or female protagonist for you based on the personal data you created in your WonderSwan.