Farland Saga: Toki no Michishirube

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(Playstation version)
Toki no Michishirube is the second (and final) Farland Saga game in the rather confusingly labelled SRPG series. This PC version came out in 1997, with an updated Saturn port a year later and a PS1 release the year after that.
The game has a strong and very obvious link to the previous Saga game – the main character in Toki no Michishirube is Karin, last seen as a young girl in Farland Saga but now an independent teenager looking for adventure.
The game revolves around the city of Atracta, most characters either live there or have some sort of connection to the place and the plot is usually progressed by accepting a quest from the guild at the center of the city. There is freeform exploration during these sections, the player simply chooses where they want to go by clicking on the location on the map. Sometimes there are small additional scenes if the player chooses to go to a location other than the one directed, but on the whole the experience is linear. There is one possible “bad end” early on – if Al (the only male member of the group) chooses to peek at the girls while they are bathing the player is “rewarded” by a PG-rated image of them naked that is swiftly followed up by an unwinnable battle.
Battles are conducted on an isometric field divided up into squares. The player can command any character in any order until all party members have had a turn, at which point the enemy does the same. Party characters can move and attack independently (rather than being forced to move before attacking becomes an available option), but they can’t attack and then use an item or a spell. Party members are fixed at all times and join or leave as the plot requires.
Hidden treasure is often dotted around the battlefield, marked by a small sparkle effect on a square. These hidden treasures often contain powerful items and equipment that the player wouldn’t be able to buy from the city shop.
The PC version is largely identical to the later console ports bar some small cosmetic differences and a lack of voice acting.
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