English of the Dead

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Nintendo DS
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Something of a spiritual sequel to Typing of the Dead, this DS game has arcade classic House of the Dead 2 refitted as English teaching software.
The story mode goes through House of the Dead 2 in full (although story sequences are told through still images rather than in 3D), blasting away at zombies using nothing more than the English language as a weapon. For the player this generally means being presented with a word in Japanese and being asked to write the English equivalent. On the easiest difficulty the player only has to copy the text as the English word is already shown, but if a higher difficulty is chosen the word may be partially or totally obscured.
Rescuing survivors and boss battles use other learning methods such as filling in blanks, constructing an English sentence from a Japanese one, choosing the correct translation of a Japanese sentence and themed sessions (flowers, fruits, etc).
A thorough training mode allows you to practise any unlocked story mode stage or boss at any difficulty, as well as the option to train on a particular style of learning (sentence creation, for example). Records are kept of the player's performance with arcade-style score tables and ranking.