Culdcept Expansion Plus

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Omiya Soft
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Culdcept Expansion Plus is something of an update of a remake – Culdcept first came out on the Saturn, then it had a Playstation port a couple of years later (with balance tweaks), then finally Plus came out the year after that, which is identical to Expansion bar the ability to use twenty maps that appear to have previously been for promotional use (there’s a Famitsu map and some tournament maps in there). Save data between Expansion and Plus is completely interchangeable.
The game is best classed as a strategy game: the goal is to win by collecting a certain amount of gold (G) before anyone else on the board. It isn’t possible to kill an opponent or even to run out of cards, as your deck is fully replenished when it runs out. This is where the comparisons to Monopoly come in – each tile on the board can be occupied by a player or opponent monster card; if an opponent lands on a tile you’ve already occupied they have a choice of battling your monster with one of their own to gain control or to pay you some gold and avoid the fight.
Tiles and monsters all have one of five possible attributes, matching monsters to the same element or gaining control of a chain of the same tiles grants a stat bonus, making them more difficult to defeat. Terrain can also be upgraded (making matching monsters tougher and increased the toll on opponents) or even have its element changed to something more favourable if the player has the gold to do so. Another possible course of action is to move or replace an existing monster with another.
Spell cards can be used to help or hinder once per turn (if the player has some in their hand); effects range from forcing the target to move one square next turn to showering the player with gold or increasing the damage dealt by a monster in battle.
The game also has a multiplayer battle mode that supports up to four human participants (AI can take the place of any absent friends) across a variety of stages.

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