Chip Chan Kick!

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Chip Chan Kick is the final game by Custom (who also refer to themselves as Cybertech Custom), a small company that made four previous games (Metal Orange, Carat, Teen and Star Platinum) for the PC-98, X68000 and Windows 95 compatible PCs. While Chip Chan Kick features company mascot Chip and the return of the Mosapo’s (the Puyo-like blobs in the game) it is largely a departure from their other titles as it’s on an all-new format and is also the only non 18 rated game they made.
The simplest description is “Bubble Bobble clone” – the player takes control of Chip or Chap (the difference is purely cosmetic) either alone or with a friend and defeats enemies that litter the 60 single screen stages by first whacking them with their companion Mosapo’s and then getting close so the enemy can be knocked away. Any enemies caught in the trajectory of the flying enemy will be automatically defeated too, and the player gains bonus points for setting up these chain reactions.
There are four possible power ups to collect during the game – Speed Up works as expected, a Mosapo panel grants the player an extra Mosapo (which enables more rapid fire whacking), the Power Up panel increases the strength of the Mosapo fling and the final Special panel grants temporary invincibility and a full compliment of five trailing Mosapo’s.
The game offers three difficulty levels – Easy allows unlimited continues but Normal and Hard have a restriction of nine (shared between both players). Normal and Hard also alter boss patterns and make certain regular enemies tougher to kill. The game saves your progress automatically, allowing you to continue from the most recent stage reached.
Other bonus features on the disc include music and sound effect tests, some photos and cast interviews (audio only).